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Jul 2022

Workout 96 - RowErg - 10-4

July 29, 2022
Workout 96: (Medium intervals at different damper settings) The mission is clear. Find what works for you. 
Moments of personal success can be momentum for life. Let's take a tour of some different places and set ourselves up to be successful in the process. 
Inspired by the efforts of Benjamin Becerra, a truck driver who is dedicated to his own health and encouraging his fellow drivers to seek out what works for them. #truckergs #smallgoalsdaily
Stay tuned for a conversation with Benjamin after the workout!
Total Workout Time: About 30 minutes
Programming starts at [3:06]
Monitor set up: 3 minute intervals, 1 minute rest
Warm Up: 
Damper @ 10 
Stroke rate 20, 22 and 24
1 minute rest
Interval 2:
Damper @ 9
Stroke rate 24
1 minute rest
Interval 3:
Damper @ 8
Stroke rate 24
1 minute rest
Interval 4:
Damper @ 7
Stroke rate 24
Rest and reprogram the monitor
Interval 5:
Damper @ 6
Stroke rate 24
1 minute rest
Interval 6:
Damper @ 5
Stroke rate 24
1 minute rest
Interval 7:
Damper @ 4
Stroke rate 24
Cool down
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