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Jan 2019

Workout 6 - RowErg - The Damper Dance

January 22, 2019
WORKOUT 6: Come test each damper setting and find power outside your comfort zone.
Warm Up (10 minutes) - 10 Minute Steady State @24 Stroke Rate
Work (~25 minutes) - During this workout we will experience what each damper setting feels like.  We will hold our stroke rate steady, our power output steady and will see how changing the damper will effect the way we work the machine.  Changing the Damper, changes the environment you are working in.  You provide the resistance in that environment.  This is a great workout to figure out actually how you work with the flywheel.
10 X 1 Minute Intervals with 30 Seconds Rest in between
Power will remain at Moderate Intensity* (working in Watts)
Stroke Rate will remain at 24 strokes/minute
Damper will adjust each interval: @10 / @8 / @6 / @4 / @2 / @1 / @3 /@5 / @7 / @9
5 Minute Steady State at Moderate+ Intensity @Damper Setting of your choice
*Moderate Intensity for you may look very different than someone else's Moderate Intensity.  The way I would describe this is a 6 - 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 if you were to rate your perceived exertion.  Where there is room to push harder if I asked you to, and your effort is no walk in the park.  
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Please read the following before participating.