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Jan 2019

Workout 3 - RowErg - Track Your Calories

January 1, 2019
WORKOUT 3: A packed full hour of work on the Concept2 Indoor Rower.
Warm Up ~ 7 minutes - we get right into the swing of things with some steady rowing.  Through our warm up we will add in some intensity with stroke sets of power 10s. 
Work ~ 30 minutes - we have 3 sets of varying interval lengths.  We will take 2 - 4 minutes to recover in between each set.  We work to maintain a stroke rate of 24 for the entire workout.
Set 1: 12 Minutes - 6 Intervals of 1 Minute of Max Calories, with 1 Minute Rest to Recover
Set 2: 10 Minutes - 5 Intervals of 90 Seconds of Max Calories, with 30 Seconds to Recover
Set 3: 8 Minutes of Continuous work, increasing intensity (Cal/Hour) every 2 Minutes
All Rest (between intervals or between sets) can be completely off the machine or just a light effort.
Each "Power" effort should feel challenging, but make sure it's an intensity that you can hold steady for the duration of the segment.  This is an effort that you probably cannot carry out a conversation during.
Enjoy your workout!! 
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