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Jun 2019

Workout 25 - RowErg - Games of Goals

June 4, 2019
WORKOUT 25: This workout kicks off with a little game of Fish and rolls right into a test of stamina. Where you set your bar becomes the target for your goals.
Warm Up (4 Minutes):
Fish Game - Rack up as many points as possible during these 4 minutes of fun. 
Extended Warm Up (~12 Minutes):
5 Intervals of 90 Seconds of Work with 1:00 Rest in between 
Have the monitor set to meters and gradually increase the distance traveled over the 5 intervals.
**Note the distance you travel during the 5th Interval.  This total is important for the workout.**
Workout (13 Minutes):
**Take the distance you traveled in the 5th Interval and DOUBLE it.  This is your GOAL now.
You will have 3 Minutes to reach or surpass your GOAL number of meters.  If you come up short, keep a running total.  These will be your penalty meters you will need to pay at the end of the workout.
3 Minutes to Row GOAL meters
2 Minutes Rest
3 Minutes to Row GOAL meters
2 Minutes Rest
3 Minutes to Row GOAL meters
How you spend your penalty meters is up to you.  Hopefully, you don't have many!!
Cool Down (3 Minutes)
Easy Rowing
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