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The Concept2 Workout Podcast

May 2019

Workout 21 - RowErg - Row it and Rank it

May 7, 2019
WORKOUT 21: This one is for the books, the Logbook that is.  The Concept2 30 Minute Max Effort Challenge.  Motivated stroke by stroke as we visualize our power with the Force Curve display.
Warm Up (5 Minutes):
Pick Drill - Arms Only Rowing, followed by Arms and Body Rowing, followed by Full Strokes
Workout (30 Minutes):
This is a Concept2 Ranked Workout where the monitor is programmed for 30 Minutes and the goal is to accumulate your maximum number of meters. You can log this workout into the Concept2 Logbook and even see how you rank against others worldwide!
30 Minutes segmented into 5 intervals:
10 Minutes @24 - Force Curve
8 Minutes @24 - Power 5s
6 Minutes @26 - Increased Stroke Rate
4 Minutes @26 - Power 10s
2 Minutes @28 - Full Power Finish
No Rest between intervals.
Cool Down (up to 10 Minutes): 
Take some time on your own and Row or Stretch
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