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Apr 2019

Workout 19 - RowErg - True Tolerance

April 23, 2019
WORKOUT 19: You have the capacity to endure more than you realize.  Often you'll find yourself holding back, and yet moments later you too, are hanging on.  Your effort should be tempered to withstand the duration of this challenge.
Warm Up / Workout / Cool Down (50 Minutes):
After a handful of requests for longer workouts, we put together this 50 minute steady state effort; with a twist, of course, that will keep you challenged and engaged.  We are working to create separation between the stroke rate and power.  Our goal is to maintain the same moderate to low power (5-6 on our RPE* Scale) at three different stroke rates.
Stroke Rate of 20 = Recovery
Stroke Rate of 24 = Rhythm
Stroke Rate of 28 = Tempo
It's easy to find your power increase as you increase your Stroke Rate, but remember we are going for 50 minutes and we want to see the same steady power effort throughout the duration of the workout.  Try not to let your power fluctuate as your stroke rates change.
Please Remember: The numbers and goals in our workouts are always suggestions and should be viewed as a guide, not required.  If Stroke Rates are too challenging to reach either high or low, know that this takes practice.  Choose numbers and efforts that work for you.  Stick to the overall plan with modifications as needed and try these workouts over and over.  Your challenges will shift as you improve.
Thank you for tuning in!
*RPE - Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale (1 Easiest, 10 Hardest) 
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